It’s the best professional decision you can make this year. A mix of public, private, and corporate membership options offer ICC members with exclusivity and features at a smoking value.

Membership is not required to enter or experience a smoke in the public lounge at Industrial Cigar Co.

Pubic Lounge


Membership is not required to enter or experience a cigar in the public lounge at Industrial Cigar Co.



Public Lounge


Everything you need, plus some items you want, the Public membership offers a 15% discount, humidified locker, preferred event seating, and special members-only events.



Public Lounge


All of the same offerings as the Public Individual membership plus a lower level locker.



Pubic Lounge


Want to cash in on the main membership benefits, but don’t need a locker or are waiting for one to free up? ICC Public Social lounge will allow you to take advantage of a discount, access to members’ events, unlock pairing societies, and be part of the club,  all without the locker.




Atabey Private Lounge


The upper echelon of cigar lounge experience is found in our private lounge. This includes 100% lounge access, ‘The Stash’ liquor cabinet, 15% discount on all purchases, meeting room access, dedicated service personnel, members-only events, and free admission to ticketed events. That goes for you and your spouse and 4 guests per month.



Atabey Private Lounge


Keep your private lounge access and premium-level benefits found in private membership — sans locker real estate — that goes for your spouse and 4 guests per month to accompany you.

Currently Unavailable


Private Lounge


The wisest decision you can make for your executive team this year. The Corporate membership includes 3 Individual memberships sharing a large private locker, split into separate humidor bays for each member of your team. All 3 members are welcomed to include their spouse and 4 guest passes per month.



Private Lounge


If you’re a small local team, the Corporate Lite membership should grab your attention. Save $30 per month when your 2-person corporate team splits a large-bay single locker in the private member’s locker bank. The remainder of the premium-level membership benefits are included.




Please note that a waitlist is currently in effect for the Private and Corporate level memberships. If you have been turned to ICC membership by a current member, be sure to include them in your inquiry form. Once your name surfaces to the top of the waitlist, we will contact you directly to set up a trail run in the private lounge to see if it is a good fit for your needs and with our members as well.

At this time, we do not have an outlined period of time that the waitlist could take in order to make your membership active. There will be opportunities in the short term to streamline the wait process, although nothing is currently in place to do so.

For any questions or concerns regarding your membership, please contact members@industrialcigars.com for direct communication.

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