Key Updates: Advanced Air Purification Complete, New Doors, and Drywall Installation Underway

Greetings to our cherished community of cigar enthusiasts! In our tireless effort to make Industrial Cigar Co. (ICC) your go-to sanctuary for the finest cigar experience in the world, we’re thrilled to share some pivotal updates on our renovation project.

Breath of Fresh Air: A 3-Stage Air Purification System

Our new air purification units go above and beyond in delivering clean air. These marvels of engineering feature three distinct stages of filters: a pre-filter for larger particles, a HEPA filter for tiny particulates, and a carbon filter for odor removal. But we didn’t stop there; these units also boast a hospital-grade ionizer. This cutting-edge routing has been custom developed to enhance performance and elevate your experience at ICC. Now that’s a breath of fresh air—tailored just for you.

Doorway to the Future: Member Access Card Programming Coming Soon

Our brand new, finely-crafted doors are more than just an elegant entryway. They represent a step closer to integrating member access cards into the ICC membership experience. That’s right, say goodbye to old-fashioned check-ins and say hello to seamless entry, making your time at ICC even more exclusive and hassle-free.

From Drywall to Drink: Bar Buildout on the Horizon

Let’s talk drywall. While it may seem like a minor milestone, it signifies that we are inching closer to the exciting stage of bar buildout and, ultimately, the grand opening of ICC’s updated facilities. As the walls go up, so does our anticipation for Fuselage Parlor & Kitchen and the World’s First Atabey Private Lounge.

Get a Behind-The-Scenes Look: Hard Hat Tours

Want to see these fascinating updates for yourself? You’re cordially invited to our Hard Hat Tours, hosted every Tuesday at 6:30pm CST. And get this—bring a first-timer with you, and we’ll gift both of you a complimentary cigar. It’s the perfect introduction to the ever-improving world of ICC.

We can’t wait to share these upgrades with you. Until then, stay smoky, friends.

Industrial Cigar Co. Construction Update: Air Purification, Member Access Doors, and Drywall Progress
Industrial Cigar Co. Construction Update: Air Purification, Member Access Doors, and Drywall Progress

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