Exciting Progress at ICC’s New Construction Phase!

The recent construction endeavors at ICC have reached an electrifying phase, and we are thrilled to share this development with our esteemed community. As you walk through our doors, don’t be surprised if you sense the vibrant energy of growth, framed by our commitment to delivering an unmatched experience.


The framework is up, and the physical differences are starting to take shape. What was once a sketch in our innovative minds is now becoming a tangible reality. From every beam to every nail, we are constructing not just a space but an atmosphere, aligning perfectly with the timeless hospitality you’ve come to expect from ICC.


Rest assured, these exciting upgrades will not impact your cherished lounge experience. The Fuselage Parlor & Kitchen and the World’s First Atabey Private Lounge continue to welcome you with the genuine warmth and elegance you know and love.


Your next visit to ICC promises to be as inviting and luxurious as ever, even as our walls echo with the sounds of progress. Stay tuned for more updates, as we build upon our legacy of providing the finest cigar experience in the world.

Fuselage Parlor & Kitchen at Industrial Cigar Co. in Frisco Texas

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