A Bold Step Towards Our Dream: The Creation of Dreamer Lounge in Partnership with Luciano Cigars

As we embark on July, we’ve reached a seminal moment in our journey of expansion at ICC. The familiar walls that have resonated with laughter, friendship, and the finest cigar experiences are now transforming into something even more extraordinary.


We are breaking through the demising walls, carving out the doorways and hallway that will lead to the highly anticipated Dreamer Lounge, created in an exquisite partnership with Luciano Cigars. This process might appear raw and unrefined, but it’s the pathway to a grander vision.


We kindly ask for your forgiveness as we navigate this “ugly duckling” phase of our construction. Beauty, after all, often takes shape through processes that aren’t as elegant as the final result. Your patience and continued support mean the world to us, and we’re grateful for your understanding as we craft this novel lounge experience.


We look forward to welcoming you through these new doors very soon, and until then, the ICC’s legacy of hospitality continues uninterrupted at the Fuselage Parlor & Kitchen and the World’s First Atabey Private Lounge.

Luciano Dreamer Lounge at Industrial Cigar Co.

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