Industrial Cigar Co. Announces Joseph Stephens as New General Manager

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the heart of ICC. A new chapter is unfolding as we announce Joseph Stephens stepping into the role of General Manager at Industrial Cigar Co.


Joseph’s appointment comes as a testament to our continuous quest for excellence, passion for hospitality, and commitment to creating the finest cigar experience. His first day will be Monday, August 21st, and he is already gearing up to lead with vigor and dedication.


While we celebrate this new addition to our leadership team, we’d also like to take a moment to honor the legacy left by Brandon Byers. The baton that was lit by Brandon continues to guide us, and with Joseph now carrying it forward, we’re looking at a future filled with innovation, growth, and an even more refined experience for our patrons.


At ICC, we’re more than just a cigar lounge. We are a family, and we welcome you to visit us soon to witness firsthand the warmth and uniqueness that define us.

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