Atabey Announces Limited Release Of Special Edition Humidor At Industrial Cigar Co.

From Cigar Aficionado:

A lavish humidor filled with Atabey cigars of nearly every dimension will be introduced at the PCA trade show this July. Called the Atabey Limited Edition Humidor, it’s a treasure trove for fans of the Costa Rican brand as it includes five smokes from each of the 12 sizes in the portfolio, or 60 cigars in total. Only 250 humidors have been produced and only 60 will be released at PCA in July. The first will be displayed at the Atabey Lounge in Frisco, Texas at the Industrial Cigar Co. shop this month.

The humidor is made with a sleek exterior, black gloss finish and gold trim. Inside are four compartments, two side drawers, a front drawer and a traditional humidor lid. Each level features an array of Atabey vitolas carefully categorized and demarcated by size.

The Atabey brand and this humidor come by way of designer and cigarmaker Nelson Alfonso of Selected Tobacco.

“I have worked on many international projects throughout my career,” said Alfonso. “This Atabey humidor is the most special to my family as it celebrates the entire line of Atabey.”

Presale will begin May 10, 2023, with first access being provided to Atabey members at Industrial Cigar Co. and begin shipping in the summer months.


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