Ava's Education Fund Raffle

Eligibility Dates: September 19th - October 19th


How it works

Each $10 raffle purchase will qualify as an entry. You can purchase at the counter in the lounge or on industrialcigars.co. The total raffle purchases throughout the eligibility period will go toward your raffle entries.

Drawing Information

Raffle Drawing will take place at the ICC Hack Fest Golf Tournament post-tournament event. The raffle winners will be selected, and each winner will be able to grab any item from the raffle table until the items are gone.

Eligibility Dates

Now - October 19th, 2020. Join us for the live raffle during halftime of the Cowboy's MNF Game, after the 1st Annual ICC Hackfest Golf Tournament.

Here’s a few items of What’s up for grabs.

Principle-Angel of Mercy
Principle Cigars

Angel of Mercy Box of 10

The Angel of Mercy is made for charity events and will be presented in spring 2020. It will be available in two sizes: Pyramid (8 x 60 | 203 x 23,8) and Parjeo (8 x 58 | 203 x 23). The wrapper tobacco of the Angel of Mercy comes from Ecuador, the binder from the Dominican Republic and for the filler special tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua were used.

Brizard & Co.

Handmade Black Oak and Cedar Humidor.

Made from solid black oak wood logs. Bottom fully covered with full grain leather.

Our Royal Oak Collection humidors are fully designed to be humidified with Boveda humidification system. Boveda humidity packs are the most precise to regulate and maintain correct humidity atmosphere and are endorsed by most reputable tobacconist and cigar brands . They include low profile receptacle, specially made for the Boveda packs out of solid cedar with an inlaid aluminum screen and connect to the lid of your humidor via magnets.

Casa Turrent

Cease and Desist Bundle of 50

Spawning from the depths of our previous collaboration project. The Cease and Desist is a very special 4×44 cigar to replace the previously created cigar by OSOK, a project that only existed for one night.
The Cease and Desist blend has been developed in collaboration between Edgar Hoill and the Frakes family to create a smaller format cigar, blessed by the Momma Frakes herself. The blend will be created to pair perfectly with coffee, and a smooth, clean finish.

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